Monday, June 23, 2014

Enterprises TV Creating a Family Friendly Business

Businesses are becoming more family-friendly and as a result are more able to retain top talent, Enterprises TV learns. What steps can companies take to help working families?

There is much talk in the news about paid leave for families. While the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 protects the job of someone who has to take time off to have and care for a newborn, or care for an elderly parent, they are not paid for that time off. Most countries offer paid leave for these kinds of situations. The U.S. does not. In light of this, there are some steps employers can take to be more family-friendly.

If workers are paid a salary, it is best to allow them the time off to take kids to the doctor without docking their pay. If their pay status is exempt, they should be able to take the time off without fear of receiving a short paycheck. Non-exempt workers should be allowed to do the same, but be able to make up the time during the work week. Employees leave employers when they feel they are not allowed to do what they need to do for family members without being punished for it. The Enterprises TV show urges businesses to find more ways to be family-friendly. The best workers will find a new place to work where taking care of family-related concerns are valued as well as the work ethic of the employee.

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