Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enterprises TV Looks at the Negative Side of Student Loans

Enterprises TV highlights some good news for students and former students:  there may be help on the way to ease the burden of student loans.  While the nation needs highly-educated people, the education system in this country doesn't make that easy to achieve.  High tuitions are a barrier to many, and even those who struggle to take home a useful degree, find themselves under a crushing debt load by the time they toss that very expensive graduation cap into the air.  In some professions such as the medical field, graduates can be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans that must be repaid.

Enterprises TV has heard that some relief may be imminent for those burdened by huge student loans.

The Enterprises TV show has some reassuring news for those who are under financial pressures from paying back student loans while trying to navigate the rest of life's financial obligations.  President Obama is about to sign an executive order that limits the percentage of an American grad's income that must be paid to the student loan each month at 10%.  But to find some serious solutions for the problem of overpriced education, one need only look as far as the other nations on this planet.  The USA now has universal healthcare -- of a sort -- but still has an expensive system of higher learning.  Many countries that boast a free universal healthcare system, also offer free education, from K to degree, to their citizens.  If nations like Barbados, Gibraltar, Pakistan and Somalia can do this, why not the United States of America?

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