Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enterprises TV Political Parties Come in More Than Just Red and Blue

If Enterprises TV were to report to you that there are numerous federal political parties in existence in the USA, would this come as a surprise?  It most likely would, thanks to the total domination since the mid 1800s of the two main parties, Democratic and Republican.   But when you draw the curtain on the voting booth, there are many more choices to consider, and it's too bad more people don't do so.  Most Western democracies have numerous parties from which to choose; the United States is a rare case where there are only two who enjoy any real chance of being elected.  Pundits from this nation will decry the lack of electoral choices in Communist countries or dictatorships, but where is the freedom of choice right here in America?  In fact, these alternative parties do exist and can be voted for in an election, but dissemination of their messages is hampered by the media stranglehold exerted by the Big Two parties.

The Enterprises TV show notes that many nations, including the US, have a Green Party, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment.  There are parties that promote less government overall, and those that wish to socialize many functions of daily living.  There are even satirical parties who, through the use of humor, monitor the larger parties' activities and remind us that true freedom means keeping vigilant.  But this nation's two primary parties jealously guard the limelight and fear other parties getting too firm a foothold on the nation's voting habits.  It appears that, when the dust settles, there is not a lot of difference between the governing techniques of the Democrats and the Republicans.  Perhaps, they have enjoyed this exclusivity far too long.  


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