Thursday, May 15, 2014

Enterprises TV and How Cloud Technology Connects Workers

Cloud technology is a great way to share and store documents on the Internet. It is also a great way to connect remote employees as Enterprises TV learns.

Long before cloud technology was the big thing in business, workers separated by distance shared information and files on servers they connected to. This was sometimes not an easy thing to do from a very remote location. In this very digitally-connected world, companies and employees are getting more work done and sharing it across miles via the cloud – storage space via the Internet. All it takes is a good Internet connection.

Most business people know that the cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. But it is more than just some space. The cloud allows managers and employees to quickly update documents and spreadsheets in real time so current data is available when needed. We no longer have to wait for a document to be updated, saved and emailed and received, or try to connect to a VPN to retrieve the information. The Enterprises TV show staff utilizes the cloud every day when updating spreadsheets so remote managers and employees can share work. Cloud technology is an easy, convenient and affordable (and sometimes free) way to connect workers and management.

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