Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Enterprises TV with Tips on Handling Large Medical Bills

Nothing is more shocking than receiving a large medical bill in the mail. The charges can really hurt someone who may not have the budget to pay them. Enterprises TV offers some suggestions about how to handle large medical bills when financial times are tough.

As hard as it can be, open the bill and take time to review every single charge on it. Don’t toss the bill aside or throw it away. An unpaid medical bill can be sent to a collection agency which will appear on credit reports later. Look at each charge and be sure they are accurate. Make notes on a separate piece of paper if something doesn’t look right.

Pick up the phone and call the medical provider. Negotiate for a lower charge on some items. It doesn’t hurt to ask and especially if the patient is not covered by medical insurance. Ask to speak to the person in charge of billing. Work out a reasonable payment plan.

Ask the doctor’s billing department if there are any assistance programs to help pay medical bills when in financial straights. There are a few out there. A good doctor’s office will help find ways to waive certain fees.

Enterprises realizes that in some cases, negotiation might not work and the bill is sent to a collections agency. When that letter arrives, call them and tell them what can be paid per month toward the bill. Don’t be swayed from that amount.

Life can throw some unexpected medical curve balls at us. Bat them back.

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