Thursday, May 29, 2014

Enterprises TV with the Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

The ability to work from anywhere is a sought-after perk for many new hires and established employees. But it takes a flexible minded employer, responsible employee and the cloud to make it successful. Enterprises TV shares the benefits of having a flexible workforce.

Certainly, one of the biggest benefits of a flex force is the reduction in overhead costs. If employees work from home, there is no need for desk space and the utilities it generates. The employee gains more work time from not having to make a commute to the office. Employers and employees might want to discuss equipment needed for the job and who will provide it. Laptops, tablets and digital devices are a must, and a headset for taking company phone calls, along with the required software, are also factors to consider. Once this technical part of the discussion is firm, the remaining need is access to cloud storage.

Enterprises suggests services such as Google Docs for sharing needed forms and spreadsheets. It’s easy to access and requires no download. Workers can update spreadsheets, create, save and share documents and sales records on the service. Managers should set clear and defined tasks and goals and keep the lines of communication open. Employees should be available when needed during regular working hours. When everything is in place, goals can be met and both employer and employee are happy. And this is the best benefit of all for both management and team.

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