Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enterprises TV Looks at Diverse Rites of Passing On

Enterprises TV ponders the question of what happens after the death of a loved one; what kind of rituals accompany the person's passage?  If you pose that question in any two places on the planet, you will probably get a different answer, but the traditions will probably be consistent within that region.  With global diversity and multiculturalism, that answer is changing rapidly.  Now, in a city in North America, you may encounter a wide range of ritual practices depending on the ethnicity and beliefs of the person you ask.  Until recently, local laws and customs may have hampered the mourning process for someone of a faith that differs from whatever is being practiced locally.  Of late, there has been more openness to alternative practices.

Enterprises TV examines the varied funeral practices of different cultures, and how they can coexist in today's cosmopolitan world.

The Enterprises TV show notes that, until recent bylaw changes, in some centers people were not permitted to scatter the ashes of a loved one on public property, such as a shoreline or lake.  Only lately are hospitals permitting families and clergy to conduct ceremonies around the bed of a person who has passed away.  Cemeteries have been run like businesses, with little consideration for alternative arrangements such as the directional orientation or Feng Shui arrangement of grave sites.  Funeral directors are making allowances for families to conduct specific rituals, including secluded rooms for private practices.  In many cultures, how one lives is no more important than how the person dies and how he or she is guided to the next phase.

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