Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Break the Monotony of Long-term Unemployment from Enterprises TV

Long-term unemployment is defined as someone who has been without a job for six months or more. This is a torturous time both financially and emotionally for anyone in this situation. Enterprises TV offers some suggestions about how to break the monotony of being jobless.

There are easy steps to take to get the long-term unemployed back in the job hunting game. It takes time and patience, but it pays off in the end.

Go online and find free or low-cost courses to take in a chosen field. Many are available through, and other career websites. A job candidate whose resume shows they are not sitting around, but learning new skills or updating old ones, is looked upon more favorably.

What kind of job do you want? Where do you really want to work? What kind of work environment works best for you? Local newspapers and the Internet are full of resources. Take time to sit down and write out personal career objectives. Then, start the search.

Volunteering is another great way to stay busy. Find a cause that is near and dear and call to see if they need a volunteer.  It’s also another way to network and maybe someone knows someone who is hiring.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests visiting a CareerOneStop website or going into the local office. The job banks they offer are great resources. Get advice on the current version of your resume, practice interviewing for a job and vent a little. All of this is very useful and helpful to someone who has been out of work for more than six months. What are you waiting for?

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