Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Save More for Retirement

For some people, it is not easy to set aside the often suggested fifteen percent of income toward retirement. Enterprises TV reviews some other methods in which to sock more money away for the after-work years.

Every dollar saved on a monthly expense is one which can be put toward retirement.

Get rid of the expensive smart phone provider contract. These can drain budgets faster than a pricey cable TV package. Opt for a prepaid phone and plan instead. Many prepaid plans offer the same up-to-date phones as the other providers, yet come with a monthly that can start as low as five dollars a month and include data plans. The money saved from switching can be put into a retirement account.

Cut the cable TV cord. No one actually watches all 100-something channels they get anyway. There are so many options available for streaming live TV shows these days that paying more than $100 a month for TV is just plain wasteful. Cut the cord and stash the savings into a retirement account.

Hold onto that older vehicle. Many older vehicles run better than some of the newer ones. With regular maintenance, that old car is a gem. And it will save money on higher insurance bills. More money to deposit into a retirement account.

Use the credit cards which offer a cash back bonus. Take the cash back versus travel rewards. Think of it this way: a one percent cash back on a monthly bill of $2,500 results in $25 cash back invested over 40 years at seven percent equals $65,000 to put toward a better life after working. The Enterprises TV show encourages readers to find more ways to save money every day so they can save toward a more comfortable retirement later.

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