Thursday, May 15, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: Can We Return to an "Old Normal"?

Enterprises TV has heard that our economy is improving, though slowly, and that gradually, we are returning to a pre-recession state, considered the "Old Normal".  Many of us are growing weary of being faced with a greatly reduced standard of living and a heightened level of systematic apathy only to be told that it's the "New Normal".  This excuse seems to be used to justify lower wages and harsher working conditions.  In some ways, one would not wish to see a return to the old ways.  If that means revisiting the toxic financial dealings and unbridled excess that placed the world into this fiscal mess in the first place, then it's best not to go back there.

Enterprises TV examines the slow rise of the job market and its effect on the true economy.

The Enterprises TV show must acknowledge that any talk of the economy improving may fall on deaf ears on the part of those still unemployed.  Their "I'll believe it when I see my first paycheck" reaction is quite understandable.  While we are assured that new jobs are being created each month, it's hard not to notice that these are lower paying jobs, many of which are not even full-time and are therefore ineligible for benefits such as company healthcare.  Perhaps somewhere on the horizon, there is an even newer normal that could borrow from old concepts of justice and equality, while keeping the wheels of industry spinning for the betterment of all.

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