Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Enterprises TV and Why Small Business Must Back Up Data

If a small business loses all its data files, it loses all its business too. Enterprises TV offers some suggestions for the small business owner.

All it takes is one major weather-related catastrophe and a small business is out of business for good. Data back up is not only essential but imperative. Without it, the small company has no inventory, no sales records and no customer records.  A recent survey found that forty percent of IT professionals said their small business would be out of business is the company lost all data files permanently. And 58% said they would not sustain any amount of data loss. The survey also found that 62% reported a disruption to due to their companies from data loss and 33% said their profits took a hit. The Enterprises TV show  also notes that job loss should be expected when data is compromised or lost as in the case of discount store Target and its major data breach earlier this year. To date, the retailer’s revenue is down almost twenty percent of this post date.

Data should be backed up every day and more so during storm season. The survey noted that 60% of small and mid-sized businesses do not back up data on a daily basis. When they do save files, it is on older devices such as external hard drives or network attached storage. While these are okay, they eventually show their age and put data at risk. Cloud storage companies are reliable and usually affordable.  Spent a little more to ensure data files are safe and secure. It could save the business some day.

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