Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to Retire on a Budget from Enterprises TV

For many people, retiring and living well takes on new meaning since the recession forced many out of work and cut others’ retirement accounts in half. Enterprises TV wants to share some ideas about how to retire on a budget.

Boomers who are nearing their desired retirement age might want to consider where they want to spend their Golden Years. Some might consider downsizing from a house to a condo or something more mobile like an RV. The costs are far less for a condo and even more so if the condo is in another state where the cost of living is less. RVs allow seniors to move around the country in their home and experience different places to enjoy life.

Another way to live on a budget when done working is to find and use all available discounts. These can be from travel clubs, retailers, auto clubs, military veteran associations and more. Grab coupons online. Save all discount codes in email for favorite stores. Rack up membership points and miles and use them.

If single, retirees might consider being roommates. The benefits to this are great since companionship is built in and everyone shares living expenses.  Enterprises
encourages folks to consider the many ways they can live on a budget in retirement and live well.

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