Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Get Properly Reimbursed by the Airlines from Enterprises TV

It is stressful and annoying to be bumped off of a flight, have luggage lost or learn a flight is canceled. Learn how to get properly reimbursed for these events from Enterprises TV.

The adage “you get what you asked for” can work to your advantage when working with an airline. We offer advice below to getting more than what the airline is offering when something goes amiss with your travel plans.

Know your rights. Every carrier has a contract of carriage, the legal agreement between you and the airline. Read it. It contains valuable information about reimbursement.

Assume that the airline employee is giving you the standard company line about reimbursement. They downplay your rights or word them to sound good. That’s baloney. Don’t take their word for it. Enterprises advises readers know the rules yourself.

Federal law requires the airline to reimburse you:
200% of your one-way ticket if your flight is oversold and you are denied boarding
Up to $650 if your one-way ticket is delayed more than one hour
Up to $1,300 if delayed by two or more hours

If you get a text message from the airline about accepting $150 to be bumped from an oversold flight, just say no. You are entitled to more than that and entitled to more than a free meal voucher in the airport. The writer learned that a flight from Miami to Vancouver, Canada had a change in flight time since the crew did not show up. Instead of just accepting the free meal voucher, a request was made for an upgrade to business class from coach on all legs of the trip. This request was met as well as getting a free mail voucher.

If you request better reimbursement from the airline and it is rejected, don’t get mad. Lodge a complaint with the Department of Aviation Consumer Protection Division. If it seems the airline is not following the contract of carriage rules. File a DOT (Department of Transportation) claim. This is essentially the equivalent of lighting a fire under the airline corporate office’s hindquarters. You are entitled to more than the airlines typically offer. Go get it.

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