Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Buy and Sell Items Safely Online from Enterprises TV

The Internet is a wide and varied network of people with items to sell and buy. Enterprises TV wants to make it safer and better for all parties involved.

The item description should be crystal clear and include whether or not the price is firm. If willing to negotiate, include the term OBO which stands for Or Best Offer. Set up a separate email account specifically for selling online. Add the email address below the item description so potential buyers know how to contact you. Also, add a line that only interested parties should provide a valid email address and phone number.

Are you serious about buying the item? Email the seller with your offer and a phone number to call if you both agree on the price. If the ad says the price is firm, don’t try and negotiate. If both agree on the price via email, ask the seller for their phone number so you have it on the date you are planning to meet.

Both Parties

Agree to meet someplace public in the daytime. It is safer and the light of day is good for seeing any scratches or other flaws on the item. If the item is small, meet locally at a coffee shop or some other business. If the item is large, it should be moved to a garage or out on the curb. Never invite someone you don’t know in to your home. The Enterprises TVshow cautions both buyers and sellers to be cautious and take a buddy with you for safety.

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