Thursday, March 20, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Prevent an A.C.L. Tear

An A.C.L. tear is not only painful to the person who has one but for the people who have to pay for the repair of it. Enterprises TV shares news of a new training method to reduce them.

There are 150,000 cases of torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee every year. The A.C. L. connects the tibia and femur and stabilizes the knee joint. And it is the most common injury in teen athletes. A new training method called neuromuscular training was developed by a team of researchers to hopefully prevent this type of injury. The training uses a series of exercises to teach athletes how to land, cut, shift directions and plant their legs to prevent injury. Yet, there are very few schools or athletic leagues which use the training at all. The Enterprises TV show learns that with proper step-by-step training before practice begins, there could be less injuries and therefore less expensive surgeries needed. Warm-up exercises are always called for before any sport practice begins. This is most often a good prevention technique. Take time to ask the coaching staff if they know of or use any neuromuscular training. Prevention is the key to having less injuries on the team and fewer star players on the field or court.

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