Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Enterprises TV on Making Long Commutes Easier

Long commutes to work can be either good or bad. Enterprises TV offers some suggestions on how to make the lengthy trek to work easier.

Use an online direction finding program to map the best route. Test that route at the time of day when normally leaving for work. Leave 15 minutes earlier the next day to see if traffic is better or worse. That small leeway of time is critical during the morning rush hour. If taking public transportation, get timetables for the bus or train and plan walking time into it. Plan to arrive at stops or stations 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up.

Make the most of a long commute. For those who take trains, subways and busses, use the time to read, check email, make phone calls and get work done. Or just relax. If driving, find a favorite radio station to enjoy, listen to an audio book or plan the day ahead. Bring a favorite morning beverage in a cool commuter mug.

If the commute entails having to walk a few blocks, be prepared. Wear comfortable walking shoes, carry a compact umbrella in a tote bag or briefcase and maybe a pair of gloves.  The Enterprises TV show knows that there is always a stop on the way to the office for a cup of coffee or breakfast. Leave time to make that stop and the possibility of waiting in line. Arrive to work a relaxed and ready to start the day.

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