Sunday, January 5, 2014

Enterprises TV Shares Tips on Using LinkedIn

You have a LinkedIn profile but you’re not quite sure how to utilize it. LinkeIn is more than just a place to add your resume and then forget about it especially if you’re looking for new opportunities. Learning how to use LinkeIn can change your career or business for the better. The producers at Enterprises TV came up with a few ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage.
Enterprises TV and 4 Tips for LinkedIn Users
1.Connect-when you connect with someone on LinkedIn it’s an opportunity. Let the person know you are happy to connect with them and try to start a dialogue. Use this time to ask a question if you have one for them.
2.Use the Status Feature-this feature is a great way to stay in the minds of professionals you have connected with. When you post an update it appears in your network’s feed. You should try to use it often. There are so many things you can post such as industry-related articles, professional events, new job and other topics concerning your field.
3.Remain Professional-some people forget that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. You shouldn’t post the same things you post on Facebook or Twitter. This should be used strictly for professional updates.
4.Looking for a Job-this is a bit tricky. If you’re connected to your boss and other people you work with you need to be very careful when you’re looking for a new opportunity. If you don’t use LinkedIn that often and one day you start connecting with 20 new members and add five new groups to your profile it might look like you’re interested in finding a new job. Look into settings some of the privacy setting on LinkedIn so that aren’t announcing everything you do to everyone you’re connected to.
LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field. If you use this professional platform the well you can become quite successful. The producers at Enterprises TV suggest you use these tips and learn more about what LinkedIn can do to enhance your career.

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