Sunday, January 5, 2014

Enterprises TV Shares Tips on Creating a Stress Free Workspace

Whether you work in an office or from home, the way you feel in your workspace is important. If you feel overly stressed in your work environment because of noise, temperature or some other distraction you should try to fix the issue. Enterprises TV did a bit of research on this topic and came up with a few good ideas to relieve stress in your environment.
Enterprises TV and 4 Tips on How to Improve Your Workspace
1.Personal Touch-if you feel stressed out in your workspace you should try to add a few personal touches to the environment like photos, art work, accessories and whatever else might make you more comfortable. Studies have found that adding plants to a work environment decreases stress and increases positive feelings.
2.Keep it Clean-if you find that your desk has a lot of papers, notes, and other items covering it you may want to come up with a way to organize everything. In some cases mess can equal stress. Another thing that causes stress for people is an inbox full of e-mails. You may want to spend an hour one day coming up with a system for organizing your desk and inbox. This will most likely relieve a lot unnecessary stress.
3.Ignore Interruptions-if you work in an environment that is very noisy and full of interruptions you can decrease these distractions. One thing you can do is use noise cancelling headphones. If someone tends to interrupt you often this will probably help with this is as well. You can pretend you don’t hear them and the person will probably be less likely to interrupt what you’re listening to.
4.Move Your Desk-sometimes changing the layout of your office can help you feel better. Make sure your desk is facing the command position. This will make you feel more comfortable because you will be able to see everyone who enters your office before they come in. If you’re in a cubicle consider adding a mirror where you can see when someone is approaching.
Feeling at ease in your workspace is very important. If you feel less stressed and distracted you will probably find that you are more productive. The producers of Enterprises TV suggest you try these tips to reduce stress in your workspace.

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