Sunday, January 5, 2014

Enterprises TV Shares Tips on Starting the Morning Right

Do you find that you feel sluggish in the morning wishing you could get extra hour of sleep? Well, if you find that you feel this way the best remedy is an early morning workout, according to recent studies. Enterprises TV did a bit of research on this topic and found that early morning exercise energizes people and puts them in a good mood.
Researchers at the University of Georgia found that people who didn’t normally exercise and began a 20 minute aerobic exercise routine about three times a week for six weeks felt less fatigued and more energized.
Another study at the University of Vermont found that aerobic exercise with an average heart rate of 112 beats improved participant’s mood for up to 12 hours after exercising. Research has also found that aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes a day creates new brain cells and makes them more effective. So, if you want to feel more energized, be a in a good mood and think clearer a morning workout might just be what you’re looking for. The producers at Enterprises TV think it’s worth a try.

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