Monday, June 13, 2016

Enterprises TV Slips Into Small Business Workplace Safety Guidelines

Small Business Workplace Safety

Small business owners have much on their minds. One of the recurring concerns is that of workplace safety. It is the main issue that owners have, and it ranks above cyber-security or natural disasters. In a recent survey conducted by Employers, an insurance specialist, workplace safety risks are the source of greatest concern. Employers want to ensure their staff has a safe and healthy place to come and work every day.

Common Workplace Safety Causes

The most common workplace safety accidents are: strains and sprains, cuts or punctures, contusions, inflammation, and fractures. The most cited types of injuries, slips and falls, is a common cause of workplace safety problems. One small ice cube dropped on the floor can cause one person step on it and slip badly. This can possibly sideline the employee for the entire day, for weeks, and in worst cases, months. The business then loses the employee’s productivity for that time, pays for the worker’s compensation medical costs, and must find someone to fill the injured employee’s position.

Positive Employee Workplace Safety Steps

Enterprises TV suggests holding a workplace safety staff meeting. Basic preventative steps for everyone are:
  • Close file cabinet drawers the entire way when done.
  • Pick up or wipe up any food, beverages or ice.
  • Secure all loose electrical cords and any wires under and around desks, in hallways and work floors.
  • Businesses needing drivers should have the driver record of the employee before hiring.
  • Review workplace driving safety measures every 6 months with motor-vehicle staff.

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