Friday, April 15, 2016

Enterprises TV Reports on Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are not immune to data breaches.  Every company, no matter the size, is bound to experience a network break at any time. This is where cloud computing comes in.

Network services hosted on cloud systems are secure, and give small businesses easier accessibility to files and data. Data that is stored off-premise frees up valuable on-site space on company servers.  Certified data centers have tighter security than those in buildings where the business is based. Enterprises TV also reminds that it is even better to use an out of the state data center for data storage if the business is located in a region where catastrophic weather can wreak havoc.

Good rules to follow for any business, but especially small ones, are strong password policies. Task Information Technology staff to institute randomly assigned passwords for all sites. Allow only those who should and need access to the sites log in credentials.  Apply 2 factor authentication for all sites.  This sends a code to the user trying to gain access a text message with a code in which to log in and enter the site.  Annoying as it can be when in a rush, safety and security are more important than time. It takes considerably longer to regain control of a site that has been hacked.

Enterprises TV also notes that it is imperative to have a backup administrator for all network services whether on-site of off. If one person leaves the company, or is out of the office for an extended amount of time, the backup admin can step in and keep things running smoothly. Cloud service providers give small business owners a better sense of security, the convenience of accessing files on the go, and save companies money by not having to buy additional servers, or hire more staff to maintain networks.