Friday, April 22, 2016

Enterprises TV Celebrates Earth Day

Happy #EarthDay.  The world celebrates Earth Day by pledging to take better care of it. Enterprises TV joins the celebration with some helpful suggestions.

We honestly didn’t even think about this first one:

Recycle or Donate Textiles No Longer Wanted
The fibers that made our clothes can also pollute the planet.  Textile production is massive around the world, and the waste that it generates is estimated to grow 34.4 billion pounds in 2019, according to the Council for Textile Recycling.  Of the 82 pounds of textiles that each US resident produces per year, only 15 percent is donated to recycled. Instead of throwing old socks, underwear, torn T-shirts, and etcetera in the trash, repurpose them as dust clothes, scrub clothes, and use them to protect fragile items such as china or fragile home decorations.

Donate no longer wanted clothes, in relatively good shape, to community centers, women’s help centers, non-profits, or to a name brand store collecting them, such as H&M.

Ditch Plastic Grocery Bags for Cloth Bags
We are all in a collective effort of sustainability and to that extent, isn’t it about time to start using cloth grocery bags? Many of these are sold in the grocery store for a couple of dollars. If buying them doesn’t fit your sensible frame of mind, find and use cloth and reusable tote bags in the home.  These bags hold more and are sturdier than store plastic bags.

If this Earth-friendly concept doesn’t fit your lifestyle, at least take the plastic bags to the nearest recycle box at the store where you received them. Look outside where the garbage and recycling cans are.

Pitch Non-Eco-Friendly Detergents
There are so many great Earth-healthy detergents being sold today that Enterprises TV finds it hard to know why people still buy the old chemical-laden ones.  The additives and chemicals in traditional detergents pollutes soil and water.  Seek and find the affordable Eco-friendly cleaners and detergents.  Mother Earth will be most grateful as will her non-human inhabitants.

And One More Thing, Please

As an aside, please always flush the toilet when done in a public building. No water is saved because the next person to use it will flush the toilet anyway. Be polite. Please flush the john. Happy #EarthDay