Friday, March 18, 2016

The Enterprises TV Show Reveals Where the Gig Economy is Going

Many people recognize the term “gig” as it relates to artists, actors and musicians. In fact, gig jobs are much more than that. Gigging also entails work that is done on the side for extra income. It is also a major part of the sharing economy, such as those who drive for Uber or Lyft. The Enterprises TV show reveals more about where the gig economy is going in the future.

As the US economy becomes healthier, more workers are choosing to take side jobs or to start their own solo-run business. Highly skilled workers will be needed in the future. These are the people who have expertise in specific fields. Gig workers are solo workers. America is seeing many people who once worked for companies and corporations leaving their steady jobs for gig work. The freedom it gives is a big bonus to those who relish getting work done on their own schedule, and not a set one.

The gig economy today is strong. In the future, it will grow and become filled with more specialized workers. Contract workers and those who take gig jobs utilize modern technology, like the Internet, to find, apply or bid on jobs. These people are usually more satisfied in their work, can negotiate their pay rate by their own skills, experience and knowledge, and personal brand. They can enjoy and appreciate a more flexible way of work and life, which in turn, makes them happier people. The Enterprises TV show sees the gig economy gaining strength, respect, and growing into a stable contributor to localities.

Where do you want to be in five to ten years? Working for a company or working on your own?