Monday, March 14, 2016

The Enterprises TV Show Adds Up the Factors that Make Email Marketing Successful

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing and one which works very well for generating revenue and finding leads. The Enterprises TV show offers ideas to make email marketing a success.

Millions of people get email every day and their Inbox has at least one note which contains a discount or promotion for a favorite store, charitable organization or other online shopping site. These notes contain verbiage that can boost sales and brand awareness.

Keep this in mind when email marketing is being considered:
A leading U.S. e-commerce statistics and trends company noted that 25 percent of the sales during the 2015 Black Friday shopping season were driven by email marketing. Other methods of shopping during this popular time period came in being email marketing: free searches, paid searches, and social media, in that particular order.

Below are some facts which determine what makes this form of digital marketing successful for some small businesses:
  • Email subject line contains no more than 10 words.
  • When the note is personalized, it is close to 130% more likely to be opened and read than one that is not.
  • Avoid overly sale-laden wording in the note. More sales are made when the note focuses on the emotional needs for a purchase.
  • Images speak volumes in the email. People pay attention more to mail with images than those with just text.
  • Be gender specific in the note. People pay attention to how the note is written and to whom it addresses. It makes a difference in sales. 

Enterprises TV also notes that consumers spend a great deal of time reading their email on digital devices. All of the above can help a small business generate sales. Does your business utilize email marketing?