Friday, March 25, 2016

Enterprises TV Looks at the Future of Digital Marketing

Marketing is a business activity that will never fade away. Every business, every product and service needs to be marketed. While the traditional methods of marketing will utilized, digital marketing is coming into its own, and with it comes new, exciting ways of getting noticed.

Enterprises TV is noticing cool, new digital marketing trends. One, which many business owners are already moving toward, is mobile marketing. Consumers are buying more online than ever before. According to Goldman Sachs, mobile commerce will take over nearly half of e-commerce by 2018. That’s in 2 years.  In fact, digital marketers are now aiming at mobile platforms.  Companies which have something they want consumers to see and buy should be tailoring websites, e-commerce pages and social accounts to work with mobile devices of all sizes.

Video marketing is exciting for almost everyone. It gives the consumer an opportunity to see how a product or service works using real people in real situations.  Global consumers are watching millions of videos every day on YouTube. Facebook is deep into using video ads, and Bing is also giving users video options. Ignore video marketing and sales will fall.

The Enterprises Television Show also notes that location and relationship marketing are beginning to grow. Businesses and entrepreneurs should dig deeper into marketing on a local level and creating marketing strategies that are focused on engagement and interaction with consumers, and in their locations. Most everyone wants to feel their favorite brands are listening and hearing them.

Digital marketing will continue to be a force every business of any size needs to delve into and utilize. Why wait?