Friday, January 8, 2016

Enterprises TV Looks at the Year Ahead for Entrepreneurs

What lies ahead for entrepreneurs? 2016 is a brand new year and a year which can bring success to new projects and new businesses. Enterprises TV shares information about how to get the new year off to a great start.

The American consumer now appreciates and responds to ad targeting. This means they like when the ads they see are geared toward their interests and needs. It is quite prevalent on sites such as Google and Facebook.  Targeted ads make it easy for the consumer to click on the ad and go right to the product or service they want, rather than search around for it.

Mobile advertising is also a must-do for any entrepreneur or new business owner. Google gives search priority to mobile sites.  A new buzzword any digital marketer should know and be able to implement is m-commerce (mobile commerce).  M-commerce employs click-to-call ads, short ad copy, apps, and click-to-pay or schedule buttons. Does your marketing focus on this concept?

Social advertising is very important also for the small business owner and entrepreneur. The Enterprises TV show sees ads regularly on Google+, Blogger, Facebook and Instagram.  Social media is where many consumers find and read reviews about businesses, products and services.  They are more likely to heed the advice of another consumer than the testimonials on a business-related website.  It will be even more important to the business owner to reply to comments on social sites, and not with a canned reply. Transparency and honesty are valid concepts which most consumers rely on.

What lies ahead in 2016 for entrepreneurs? A year of exciting, revenue building opportunities.  Why not jump in and reap the benefits?