Friday, December 18, 2015

Enterprises TV Examines 2016 Employee Benefit Trends

As the year winds down, employees may be trying to fit all doctor appointments in before the New Year arrives, and before deductibles go up. Enterprises TV examines the employee benefit trends that will be hot in 2016.

Many health insurance companies are now offering wellness programs with awards for reaching specific health goals, such as smoking cessation.  Insured employees can register on the health insurance company’s website and begin to set wellness goals. Perks offered are varied depending on the insurer.

Health savings accounts are not all that new, but they are popular. These “banks” give employees the opportunity to set aside any money they might need for out of pocket health expenses, such as reading glasses, Ace bandages, and other costs.  But not all employers provide HSAs.

It is not all that uncommon for an employer to go through an insurance broker to find the most affordable health insurance plan. The brokers are usually local professionals who do all the footwork and paperwork. Small and medium-sized businesses tend to use brokers more than larger companies. Enterprises TV notes that this often means health insurance may change from year to year.

Health care becomes more expensive every year. Insurance covers most of what ails us, provides pharmacy benefits, and award programs for keeping and maintaining a wellness goal.

Other benefit trends in 2016 include work from home days, automatic enrollment in retirement savings plans with automatic raises in amount contributed at set times.  One of the most important benefits for any worker is knowing that some of their paycheck is being automatically deposited into a retirement account.  There are good, healthy trends for both the physical and financial lives of American workers. Take advantage of them.