Friday, August 21, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews How to File a Successful Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

People who live in regions of the country where nature can wreak havoc on homes and lives might find the Enterprises TV guidelines for filing successful homeowner’s insurance claims helpful.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods can ruin family homes and lives. All it takes is one bad storm, violent earth movement, funnel cloud or flood to destroy everything we work so hard to keep. 

Homeowner insurance (and renter’s insurance) are valuable policies to have in case of emergency. They can repay the policy holder for damages.  But it is imperative to know how to file a successful claim. This falls on the homeowner or renter and not on the insurance company. Below are some tips for staying on your toes:

  • Keep a record of every conversation you have with an insurance rep. Note date, time and person you spoke with on phone calls. Save all email notes and documents.  
  • Take photos of items covered in the claim from TVs to digital devices. Record all serial and model numbers and store them in a safe place that is easy to access when needed.
  • Know what your policy covers and will pay. Some policies only cover the home itself and not the items inside. Does the policy pay cash for damages and ruined items? Or does it pay for just damage to the home?
  • Document the losses. This means taking photos of the damaged areas of the home or items or both.
  • Protect damaged parts of the home. Cover holes in the roof and broken windows.
  • If estimates for repair are needed, get several of them. Vet the contractors thoroughly. Don’t go with the first offer. Beware of unscrupulous contractors.  It might be a good idea to research vendors before a storm approaches when the weather is still good so you know in advance who you want to hire.
  • The Enterprises TV show also suggests requesting proof from vendors that they are licensed for the work, have references you can check, and offer warranties on their work.

Be proactive before a disaster. Gather as much information as possible and keep it in a secure, safe, easy to access place. Print copies in case the electricity goes out and keep it handy.

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