Friday, June 5, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Highlights the Best Places to Retire


Many retirees think of the warmer U.S. states in which to retire. However, some of them are overcrowded with “snowbirds”. The Enterprises TV show highlights the best places to retire. Some of them might be surprising.

People who are soon to retire and who live in colder climates might be tempted to relocate to warmer parts of the country. But many of these states, such as Florida and Georgia, are already pretty crowded with retirees. recently released their list of best places to retire. We share it to enlighten readers who are planning to end their work life soon.  Take a look and see if there is someplace on this list that might be a cool place to live, play and relax.

Wyoming – This big, wide-open state made the top of the list. It offers residents a low cost of living, low crime rate and light tax burden. It also has acres of open space to explore.  Natural beauty is in abundance, along with all the perks that go with it.

Colorado – What’s not to like about this great Western state?  It boasts a population which is more educated than some other states.  It also offers more outdoor recreational activities with its many mountains, rivers, parks, shopping centers, cultural events, and great places to dine out.

Utah – Utah is a friendly state.  It is also amazingly beautiful  in cities and in the mountainous areas.  Many retirees love this state for its mountains, rivers and outdoor recreation possibilities.

Idaho – Its affordable cost of living and affordable home prices are quite appealing to many retirees.

Virginia – The only state on the East Coast that made the top ten has four seasons that many people love.  It also has an abundance of historical and cultural events, and close access to Eastern seashores.

Iowa – This is a great state for military retirees because it does not tax military pensions. This, of course, annoys its neighbors who now feel they have to do the same.  There is also a lot to be said for living in the region of the country. It is beautiful state.

Montana – Enterprises TV was a bit surprised to see this state make the list, until we learned of its small- town charm, plethora of stunning landscapes and abundance of fishing spots.

South Dakota –The winters can be frigid, but the summers are mild.  Like Florida, it has no state income or inheritance tax.

Arizona – This warm weather state with dry heat is great for retirees with respiratory problems and arthritis as it eases symptoms for those who live with those ailments.  It also offers residents great golf courses, exquisite shopping and dining venues, and cultural events galore.

Nebraska – The air quality is great for everyone, and there is a good ratio of doctors to residents.
Find someplace on this list to explore?

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