Monday, April 6, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reveal How Security Breaches Occur

People have been working on computers for more than 30 years. Corporate system networks have connected them, and later connected them to the outside world. The Enterprises TV show reveals where most corporate security breaches occur.

A recent survey by one of the giants in the IT industry found that the most security breaches occur with human error. This means by accident and not maliciously.  Company policies are implemented to prevent breaches, but human judgment can sometimes breach that. Employees at every level of an organization can accidentally open malware infected programs. Businesses are also at fault for not keeping up to speed on new threats or spending enough money (if they have it) on tighter network controls. Enterprises TV also notes that companies which have BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device policies can also bring network security issues to the forefront. Chances are better that those devices are better protected than the ones companies provide.

Security breaches are becoming a more common reality today. Hack attempts and attacks are planned and implemented by those who know what they want to hit. Businesses of all sizes should take every affordable step to protect all data. Commercial insurance companies are insisting companies adhere to tighter security practices. And states are now requiring companies to disclose when a cyber attack happens.