Thursday, April 9, 2015

Enterprises TV and the Spring Cleaning of Personal Finances

Spring is typically the time of year when people clean out every closet and corner of the house. Enterprises TV thinks this is the best time to spring clean personal finances also.

As long as all the paperwork and documents are out to be sorted, why not comb through insurance policies to be sure everything that needs coverage has it. This includes upgrading or downgrading policies to better fit current lifestyles.  Be sure to also review auto, health and life insurance policies too.

Check credit reports for errors and make any submissions for corrections. Download and keep a copy of all reports with backup paperwork. Shred old credit reports and credit card statements.

Financial accounts such as banking and investment accounts also need some spring cleaning. Review each statement if not already doing so for any suspicious charges. Most fraudulent charges are made in small amounts to avoid being spotted. If not caught, more damage could be done to the account and money can be lost and not recovered.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests beefing up savings and retirement accounts with automatic transfer of funds from one account to these others. Work through household budgets with significant others to find what works best.

Take time this spring to clean up more than homes and outdoor areas. Tidy personal finances too.

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