Thursday, March 26, 2015

Enterprises TV Shares Tips for Telecommuters

Telecommuting jobs are growing faster than anyone thought, and more workers are employed in this way than any other. Enterprises TV shares some tips for those who work away from an office, from home, or from another country.

As with any type of job, there are plusses and minuses. One of the benefits of telecommuting is that there is no actual commute to the office every day. An employee works from a home office and communicates via phone, email, chat or text. Work is completed without the regular interruptions of people popping into or by an office to chat. Shorter breaks are taken since can be taken throughout the work day. This leads to a more relaxed, happier, less stressed employee.

Downfalls can be hard to overcome. Some at-home workers feel left out from regular staff meetings, are forgotten in company-wide email notifications, are ostracized and know that office staff will talk about them behind their backs.

The Enterprises TV show would like to share some tips for telecommuters to make working off-site better for everyone:

Keep in touch daily through emails, phone calls and video chats. Reply to email notes as soon as possible.

Update your manager with an FYI email note with a status of what you’re working on. It might also help to start a shared document on Google Docs which tracks the progress of your work daily. The Enterprises TV show staff shares status logs on a Google Drive to keep everyone informed and up to date.

Telecommuting is becoming the new and better way for people to work. Business owners are realizing that working from home can be just as productive as working from the office. Embrace this new method of employment.