Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Enterprises TV Welcomes the New Year with a New Host

Enterprises TV Host -- Kevin Harrington

The New Year is always a good time to make positive changes. Whether they are personal, professional or business-related, change is good. Enterprises TV is excited to inform readers about our new host, co-executive producer, and one of the most well-known, popular entrepreneurs in the country – Kevin Harrington.

For TV aficionados, Kevin is easily recognized from his 20 years of being on American TV. He was the first to bring informational shows into living rooms, dens, and family rooms across the country. In recent years, his wisdom and experience was imparted on the contestants of Shark Tank. Kevin is a sought-after industry expert for numerous media outlets including all of the major broadcasting networks and highly respected publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

Business professionals watching the Enterprises TV show will see an astute peer. Kevin has been involved with over 500 product launches which resulted in sales of over $4 billion dollars world-wide. In 1980, he started The Small Business Center and Franchise America. He was also named one of the 100 best entrepreneurs in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Kevin Harrington has paved the way as an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world. Sharing his deep business knowledge and well-honed entrepreneurial techniques with viewers, he is a multifaceted host with a sharp, positive and entertaining personality, which comes across naturally on camera.  As host of the Enterprises television show, Kevin shares his advice, his expertise, and his immense experience in the business world. We are excited about having him join us and hope you are too.

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