Monday, January 12, 2015

Enterprises TV Reports on the Improving Confidence of the American Worker

Workers are feeling more confident about pay raises and finding work this year. The job market is looking healthier, and some employees expect a pay raise in the New Year. Enterprises TV reports on the improving confidence of the American worker.

The economy is becoming stronger and as it does, the job market is looking better. This is a positive sign for employees. A recent Glassdoor survey found that one in three employees plan to look for a new job if they do not receive a pay raise, and feel confident they will find better position within six months.  Forty-three percent of the people surveyed said they expect a pay raise in the next 12 months. Roughly half expect the standard three to five percent hike. The Enterprises TV show also learns that more men said they expect a raise than women at 52% and 45% respectively.

Some industry experts feel this is a wake-up call for U.S. employers. Employees are not planning to stick around if the company does not compensate them at the fair market rate. Foreign companies that bought American companies are expected to follow wage trends and at the very least, give staff a cost of living increase.  Competitors are keeping an eye out for the best talent and may poach good workers from an employer that does not give a wage increase.

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