Monday, January 26, 2015

Enterprises TV and How to Survive a Flight Cancellation

There have been nearly 2,220 flights cancelled and more are expected as a massive winter storm moves across the Northeast United States. This affects travelers in the Southeast also since many flights come and go from this region to parts north. Enterprises TV knows what it’s like to be stuck out of town in an airport. Here are some suggestions on how to make the best of it.

If it is not already downloaded on a smart phone, download the airlines apps for alerts.
Ask the airline to give a food and hotel voucher if the flight is expected to be cancelled for more than one night.

  • Find the nearest place to rest and eat with seats where you can charge digital devices. If a laptop is brought along, try charging the device from it.
  • If no hotel voucher is given, visit the nearest shop in the airport and get some provisions for the rest of day and night. We suggest: a travel blanket and pillow, a few bottles of water to stay hydrated, some high protein snacks such as nuts, almonds and cheese crackers, and some fun reading materials. 
  • Camp out in a restaurant and use some time to find alternative flights, a hotel close to the airport, and distress.

Flight cancellations are no fun especially when one wants to get home or to their destination. The Enterprises TV show knows that any delay can be frustrating. We hope these suggestions help readers survive a cancellation with some ease. Travel safely.

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