Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Reviews Tips for Credit Card Protection

By now, almost everyone is wary of where they use their credit cards. Fraud of this type is on the rise and security experts remind consumers to be aware of where cards are used.
The Enterprises TV show takes time to review tips for credit card protection during the holiday season.

Many people shop online and know that their gifts will arrive on time. But where one shops online can make the difference in feeling secure about using a credit card on the e-commerce site or not. Major online retailers such as Amazon have been in business for years and have strong protections in place. Smaller e-retailers may not. In any situation, consumers are urged to look in the url bar for the HTTPS or a lock and key icon which indicates the site using secure technology.  If questions arise about how safe the site is for taking orders, email them, call them or ask on their Facebook page if they have a page. If no answer is given within two days, scrap the order.

Enterprises TV reminds readers that there is a wide and diverse variety of online stores. Look for the items wanted on known retailer sites first. And be sure to review all credit card, debit card and bank accounts online at least once a week to be sure no fraud has taken place. If something suspicious arises, contact the financial institution as soon as possible.  Finally, ask the financial institutions who hold your credit cards to replace magnetic stripe cards with the newer and more secure chip-and-pin cards. It pays to be as safe as possible when shopping online or in a store today.

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