Monday, December 8, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show and How to Pare Down Cell Phone Bills

It seems as if our cell phone bills keep getting bigger and bigger while our household budgets are manipulated to pay those bills. The Enterprises TV show explains why those bills keep getting bigger and how we can pare them down.

If we take time to carefully review our cell phone bills, it is clear that the taxes at every government level keep rising and the fees are right behind them.  Approximately 17% of the bills are taxes and fees. And there seems to be a fee for almost everything. There are activation fees which can go as high as $35.00. There are fees for getting a new phone, extending a contract, early termination and roaming. Data usage fees are also on the rise. Cell service carriers put a cap on subscribers’ data usage and if they go over, the subscriber pays astronomical fees.  Plus, we are adding more phones to our households and ditching the old-fashioned landlines. So, how can the hard-working American pare down cell phone bills?

Enterprises TV suggests careful review of the bill every month. Don’t just pay it automatically without looking at it. If there is a service issue, call or email to carrier to credit the days service was out. Carriers can and should credit the account on usage charges, but cannot legally credit any government fees. Customers cal also renegotiate the terms of their service from time to time. If adding another phone and line, work with the carrier to find any discount. If the bills are still too high and too hard to pay every month, consider a prepaid phone and plan. Customers have access to the same great smart phones but do not pay more than $50.00 per month. Prepaid phones are also an economical resource for families with teens and college-aged children. We shouldn’t have to spend the greater part of a household budget on cell phone service.

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