Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enterprises TV on Home Security for the Holidays

It may seem like futile advice, but home security during the holidays is one of the few things we seem to forget during the hustle and bustle. Enterprises TV offers a few reminders before everyone starts packing up to head out of town.

Check every window and door to be sure they are closed tightly and are locked. Double check sliding glass doors also. Insert a cut off broom handle in the track to keep the door from being jammed open.

Don’t close all of the curtains and blinds that’s not done regularly. It is a tip off to crooks.

Buy a timer for indoor lights and holiday lights. If they go on and off at about the same time every evening, set the timer to that schedule.

Give a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor. Ask them to get the mail for you. Leave a bag on the table to put it in.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests keeping valuables like tablets and laptops out of sight. Remove them from tables and desks in the home and store them in the closet or in a drawer.

No matter what kind of home one resides in, apartment, condo or house, always keep security in mind before leaving on any trip. Even gated communities can be vulnerable at times. Ask neighbors to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious.

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