Monday, November 17, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Examines the Top Financial Priorities

Everyone has financial priorities. Which one comes first is usually decided by how urgent the need is. The Enterprises TV show examines the top financial priorities for Americans.

What comes first: saving for retirement, paying off debt, paying regular monthly bills or starting a college fund? For many Americans, paying off debt is a top priority. Twelve million adults have a credit file.  A recent Bankrate survey found that most people consider paying bills or staying current as their first financial priority.  More than one-fifth of those surveyed said paying down debt is a top priority.  This is a reflection of the times for most U.S. households as people struggle to get on top of their financial house.

Enterprises TV shares that Americans also have a hard time saving. Only 17% rated saving as a top financial priority, and in fact, the percentage of those who claim its importance goes down a point or two in recent years. As Americans continue to work harder and longer for a living, many feel the need to spend some of their hard-earned money to enjoyable endeavors. The survey also reveals that people’s concerns about job security and their overall financial situation is more favorable this year than it was last year. And that’s good news.

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