Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Enterprises TV Reviews the Benefits of Shift Work

A recent study found that people suffer from some brain loss when they work for more than a decade on differing shifts. Despite this news, the Enterprises TV show highlights the benefits of working the afternoon and night shifts.

Workers who spend eight hours per day working an afternoon or overnight shift learn to shuffle regular activities to suit their schedule. Errands can be run before work and while others are still at the office. Medical appointments can be scheduled with more ease. Grocery shopping can be done in less crowded stores. Banking can be accomplished. While the day shift workforce is commuting home, afternoon workers are already at their desks and night shift workers are preparing for the upcoming work time. Afternoon and night shift workers have less upper management to contend with because most have left for the day. Enterprises TV believes it takes time and practice to get used to these alternative work days and nights. Workers should plan when to go to bed to get eight hours of sleep. Darken the room and if needed, use an eye mask to block out any daylight for a sound rest. Eat a good meal before going to work and then lightly during it. The benefits of shift work are great once one gets used to the schedule.

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