Friday, October 31, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Offers Time Management Tips

How does the work day pass so quickly while there are still tasks left on the to-do list? It’s probably because there are regular interruptions and meetings which take up time. The Enterprises TV show offers some time management tips for everyone.

Make a daily to-do list. Put the most important priorities on the top. This is the list for today only. Next, write down the less important tasks to complete for today. Put a date and time frame beside them. Check or cross them off the list when done. If it has to be moved to another day, write an arrow beside it with the day to get it done. If there are heavy tasks which need attention, don’t wait until Thursday or Friday to get started. Start them on Monday and chip away at them. Keep the list visible on the computer or on a paper tablet all day.

Email is a major time thief for many managers. It is often too full of notes which one is copied on. Follow this basic business rule for email: if you are in the To box, you should reply. If you are in the CC box, no reply is needed.  Schedule two or three times a day to check email. There’s no need to check it more often than that. Scan through the Inbox and delete spam or any notes which really are not all that important. Flag the notes which need replies and use the date function on most programs to signal when the sender needs to hear from you.

The Enterprises TV show uses these processes to get through each day and find it quite efficient.

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