Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Enterprises TV with Flight Germ Misconception Insights

Wipe arm rests and seat tables with sanitary wipes
There are quite a few misconceptions about the germs and air quality on airplanes which Enterprises TV wishes to alleviate.

The air on the flight is re-circulated through HEPA filters and is continually being cleaned. So there is nothing bad about it. If one is really worried about germs, think about getting some sanitary wipes before traveling and using them on the real germ collection places: tray tables, arm rests, toilet handles, seat pockets and bathroom door handles. Many discount and drug stores sell travel sized packages of these wipes, which also fit in plastic baggies.

Pass on taking a free blanket and pillow. Instead, buy your own from a discount or drugs store. There are never enough pillows and blankets to go around in the first place, and many times these items are tossed in the overhead bins or on the dirty seats themselves. Take your own.

Think airplanes are cleaned after every flight? Garbage and old periodicals are collected and thrown out. But, the FAA only requires airlines to thoroughly wipe down an airplane once for every 30 days of service or at the 100 flying-hour intervals. That means that plane just boarded probably has not been cleaned well at all.

The Enterprises TV show urges readers to always be ready to decontaminate the common areas that we use on flights. It is a preventative measure against all germs and bacteria. And be sure to keep hands away from the eyes unless they are clean since the tear ducts are passageways to the body for contaminants. Be prepared to have a safe, relatively germ-free flight.

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