Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enterprises TV Offers Tips on Creating a More Positive Work Place

Give kudos for a job well done

Why do some work places seem a more positive place to spend 40 or more hours per week than others? What do the company leaders do to ensure the staff is happy and glad to be there every day? Enterprises TV offer tips on creating a more positive work place.

Gratitude plays an important role in keeping workers on the job. If someone does a good job, finds an issue that needs fixing or corrects incorrect data, send them a token of thanks. An honest email note works wonders on the employee who hammers away all day help move the business forward.

Focus on the strengths of employees and managers. Assign work to them based on their knowledge, skills and experience. Then let them go to it. Avoid any inclination to micromanage. No one really likes to have a supervisor breathing down their back.

Be flexible when setting goals. Pull the team together to find any obstacles which can get in the way. Together, figure out how to overcome the obstacles. Sometimes, there is one person in the group who can follow the process and think of the obstacles in the way before actually hitting them. The Enterprises TV show does not think that this team member is naysayer, but rather someone who wants to break down the barriers so the end result is reached more successfully.

The key to a more positive work place is allowing each worker to utilize their individual strengths, give positive feedback, extend gratitude for successes and a job well done and remain a positive leader for others to emulate.

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