Monday, August 4, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Hire the Best Telecommuter

(add a weekly teleconference to the telecommuter's schedule to meet)

There are many jobs which are suitable for telecommuting. And there are many businesses which allow telecommuting and others that do not. The number of work from home or remote employees is growing every day. Enterprises TV reviews how to hire the best telecommuters.

Write a very detailed job description. Be sure to include what the telecommuter will need such as a land line, fax machine, scanner/printer, etc. Detail the hours in which the work should be conducted. Include how many times a month the remote worker needs to visit the corporate office, who will pay for travel if the office is far from the telecommuter and how they will get there.

Advertise the job where the telecommuting jobs are posted. An Internet search will help. Also post on the main job boards such as Experienced telecommuters visit specific job boards for work. By narrowing the search to them, one can find a more manageable number of applicants in which to choose.

The Enterprises TV show encourages employers searching for remote workers to ask the right questions. For example, it is okay to ask if the telecommuter has a separate space to use a home office. It is okay to ask if they have the equipment needed such as land line phones, printers, scanners, etc. But it is not okay to ask if there are small children at home, if they are married, etc.

Be crystal clear when advertising for and hiring a telecommuter. The best applicant is out there. And they are looking for a good employer.

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