Friday, July 11, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Overcome a Career Blunder

It happens to the best of us. One day, the wrong button is pushed and we blow up at work. It could be face to face or in email. But the outburst is duly noted by those on the other end of it. Enterprises TV shares how to overcome this kind of career blunder.

Take an honest and objective look at what happened and what caused the outburst. Evaluate and analyze the situation and make a plan to correct it.

Apologize to those who were caught in the drama of the moment.  Don’t dwell on the blunder but do acknowledge that it happened. Offer a solution for whatever the issue was and get busy fixing it.

Be honest with yourself about the situation. Was the problem really someone else’s mistake or yours? Did you misunderstand the request? Did you read something into an email note that really wasn’t there? Did you light into your supervisor out of frustration? Even if all of these are true, it helps to confess what led to the outburst without blaming anyone.

Actions speak louder than words. Do what you can to correct the situation.  Promise to engage your brain before acting out again and stick to it. Enterprises TV believes most work-related outbursts can be rectified with good coaching, a good work ethic and knowing that we all have to take responsibility for mistakes.

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