Friday, July 11, 2014

Enterprises TV Offers a Few Tips on Selling Your House

Enterprises TV has learned that early summer is considered high season for the sale of homes.  After a long, dark winter and a spring that's perfect for cleaning up around the house, people are ready to look around at purchasing a new home.  Since this is when the most sales occur, it's also the most competitive season.  Here are some key points that help sell a house quickly.  The interior almost cannot be too "open", with a flow of space, especially between the kitchen and living/dining room.  Entertaining is now a free-flowing affair with food preparers in the kitchen wishing to be part of the conversation that's happening in the living room. 

Enterprises TV recognizes that early summer is the most popular time for house buyers, so here's some help to get your home sold.

The Enterprises TV show advises a neutral color scheme that allows residents to determine the dominant colors through the decor they choose to have on display.  Many people plan to stay in their homes as they grow older, so some senior-friendly features are important, including bedroom and bath on the main floor, door handles for easy opening of doors and cabinetry that's designed for easy access.  Quartz countertops are taking over where once were slabs of granite.  And no matter how affluent the home or the neighborhood, everyone likes to save money and most people care about the environment, so green features can be important.  This can include high-efficiency lighting and appliances, as well as touchless faucets for convenience and to conserve water.

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