Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: How Safe Are We, Even in Big, Public Places?

Enterprises TV has reported on the security of your computer, your home or your workplace.  But what about large, public places?  Dams, bridges, sports arenas, shopping malls.  How safe are they?  Even with as many eyes scrutinizing these places around the clock, is it really easy to protect them from vandalism, or worse, terrorism?  Recent stories of armed assailants attacking massive shopping complexes around the world raise concerns on the domestic front.  Any massive gathering of people for ceremonies, celebrations or even sporting events involve a massive security undertaking.  The concern is that for anyone wishing to drive home a message, the bigger, more outlandish assault they can mount, the better.

Enterprises TV notes a recent prank may bring home the truth about the general lack of security in public places.

The Enterprises TV show notes that authorities charged with protecting the Brooklyn Bridge discovered with horror, earlier this week, that the two massive American flags that usually flutter atop the main towers had been replaced overnight with two white flags.  The universal sign for surrender.  But surrender of what, and to whom?  Authorities are not amused by this prank, which was fortunately harmless, but might just as easily have been otherwise.  The city of New York is flabbergasted as to how someone climbed those towers, which is not easily done, without anyone in the bridge traffic or security cameras witnessing the act.  Even since the events of September 11, 2001, America does not screen 100% of the cargo that comes into the country, while power stations and water treatment plants are left poorly guarded.  This intense concern, even over a minor prank, is justified.

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