Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Enterprises TV on Why Obsessive Passion is Not Good for Entrepreneurs

It is often thought that having a strong passion for something is a good thing. However, when that passion becomes obsessive, it can hurt the entrepreneur and their business. Enterprises TV examines why it is not so good to be obsessively passionate.

How many times have we heard that someone is “passionate” about something? We’ve heard it so often that is now sounds rather cliché. For some, being passionate about their line of work or business almost seems like an obsession. We wonder what the passionate business leader does when not obsessing about their company.

It is difficult to work with someone who is consumed with the drive to succeed. This is all they can talk about. This is the only thing that matters. Everything else gets pushed aside as the passionate one will stick their agenda in the forefront and forget everything else. Business relationships will suffer. Networking opportunities may disappear and the chance for new business could diminish. People who are obsessive about their work can be off-putting to talk to.

Enterprises suggests taking a more even keeled approach to a project, product or company. It’s okay to love the work and want to share it with everyone. But too much passion appears obsessive and leaves others wondering what the true motivation is behind the over-the-top drive. Too much of it is not a good thing for entrepreneurs or business leaders. One can still be driven and love their work while remaining objective about it.

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