Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Manage the Work-Life Balance

France just passed a law which forbids work-related phone calls and emails after 6 PM in the evening. No such luck in the United States where workaholics are still hammering away after everyone is in bed. Enterprises TV offers ideas on how to manage the work-life balance.

It used to be that working moms were the only people who had to worry about a work-life balance. But in today’s hectic day of work, child activities and family time, everyone needs some help keeping all those things in the air efficiently. We offer readers some tips on how to manage it all without going crazy.

Try to get work early. Traffic will be lighter and the quiet in the office is helpful to getting things done without interruption.

Develop a work routine and stick to it. It is especially useful on very scheduled days to know when something needs to be done.

Plan and shop for meals on the weekend. Prep any produce and meat or chicken the night before and have it ready to go when getting home from work.

Know what time to leave the office in order to pick kids up or beat the heaviest rush hour traffic. Aim to get out the door at that time.

The Enterprises TV show understands there are some people who must do a little light work during the weekend. Save cleaning out the Inbox or making to-do lists for a Saturday or Sunday.

Once the week is over, take time to reflect on the tasks that can be re-delegated. It’s really not so hard to balance work and life. It’s just a matter of priorities.

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