Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Consumer Advocacy on the Rise -- Enterprises TV

There were many attacks on consumer credit and financial accounts in 2013. While most people know how to get a credit for a fraudulent charge, some may not know where they can turn if the credit card company, bank or retailer gives them less than decent service. Enterprises TV reminds readers of their consumer advocate.

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protect Bureau is a government agency which is the consumer’s advocate. Many of the complaints they receive are from people who have trouble with credit reporting agencies in resolving inaccurate information on credit reports. And while the credit reporting agencies now offer users a way to upload and send documents online to them, consumers are still not getting issues resolved. This is where the CFPB can be of assistance. File a complaint against the credit reporting company from CFPB website and ask for help.

The bureau also takes consumer complaints on other issues as well and works with the retailer, company, financial institution or place of business to help resolve the issue. The Enterprises TV show encourages readers to give the bureau a try when all else fails. Consumer advocacy is on the rise and the public has a defender in its midst.

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